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The all-natural, delicious alternative to bulky whey protein.

- We created THE SUPER ELIXIR' Nourishing Protein as an alternative to bulky whey-based protein.
- THE SUPER ELIXIRTM Nourishing Protein is a premium, organic plant based supplement that includes all 9 essential amino acids and digestive enzymes to support a healthy metabolism.
- The unique formula includes fibre to keep you feeling fuller for longer, dandelions for liver support, acai for free radical elimination and B vitamins to fight stress.
- USDA Organic pea & brown rice proteinPlant basedNon-GMOOther benefits you'll notice include:Maintains your blood sugar levels as a part of a healthy balanced diet.
- Contains fibre to keep you feeling full for longer.Acai to help with free radical elimination.
- B vitamins to fight stress.
- Its digestive enzymes help to boost your metabolism.
- Nourishing Protein TipsFor the best results, we recommend a serving of 30g (1 scoop) in 350ml of very cold filtered water, almond milk or rice milk.
- You can even include it as part of your favourite smoothie, or with your Alkalising Greens to add some green goodness.
- Men and women of all ages can enjoy our Nourishing Protein, at any time of the day when protein might be lacking.
- What shouldn't I do with my Nourishing Protein?Avoid heating it, as this may destroy its complex blend of nutrients.Pregnant women should only use it under medical or dietetic supervision.
- Nutritional information table found here.

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