The Beauty Chef Inner Beauty Powder(Chocolate)


BODY is a delicious, organic, nutrient-dense, wholefood wellness powder, rich in bio-available plant proteins, super-fruits and vegetables, alkalizing greens, algae, grasses, spices and herbs. Our sprouted and fermented plant proteins form a complete essential amino acid profile and contribute to the maintenance and repair of muscles and other tissues. Acerola cherry provides 100% of your RDI of vitamin C, which helps maintain immune health and protect your body from free radical damage. Organic mushroom provides 50% of your RDI of vitamin D, which is important for bone structure, muscle function, immune health and the body’s absorption of calcium, so consume BODY with any calcium-rich dairy or plant-based milk for optimum bone health. A great snack or meal supplement, BODY is also rich in prebiotics, probiotics and fibre to help keep you regular.

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