Clinique Clinique Sonic Extra Gentle Brush Head


Extra-soft brush head ever-so-gently lifts the impurities that hand washing may miss.' Dermatologist-developed especially for sensitive skins. ' Extra-soft brush head contains specially angled, super-fine bristles that treat delicate skins with care.' Two bristle types go gentle on cheeks, target the T-Zone.' Ever-so-gently lifts the impurities hand washing may miss.' Gentle sonic action helps boost skin's glow.How to use:' We suggest you begin by using the Cleansing Brush once daily.' Remove makeup before use. Apply cleanser to moistened skin or brush head.' Massage in a circular motion on cheek area using the opaque white bristles. To clean the T-Zone, tilt brush head to use the firmer, clear top bristles.' Rinse and pat dry. Exfoliate and moisturize. After each use, clean with soap and water and rinse thoroughly.

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